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A multitude of puzzles composed by the most famous authors (Hugh DARWEN, George COFFIN...).
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Double Dummy Corner was started in January 2001 for the benefit of people interested in double dummy bridge problems.  Its main purposes are
  • to provide a repository of every worthwhile DD problem that has ever been published; and
  • to provide a medium for publication of new problems for competitive solving
It is updated every Sunday, in principle, subject to the vagaries of the webmaster's personal life.
As a matter of policy I provide solutions only to Competition Problems (usually shortly after the closing date), but you can send me a solution to any problem and I will reply (not always immediately!) telling you if you are right or, if you are not, where your solution goes wrong.  If you are right and it is your first attempt at the problem in question, then I add your name to the list of solvers for that problem.
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Micheline Bourreau
Hélène DAVID
Anne De la bouillerie
Jean Gatard
Catherine Guillon
Philippe Lapierre
Marie Françoise PASCALON
Jean-Louis Yzebe

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